Everyone has a story to tell. Engage and inspire your audience by combining text, images, and other multimedia content with maps. You have the local knowledge and expertise, now begin and sustain a meaningful connection with your users.

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    An SDG Story Map

      A rich and engaging walk-through of the SDGs.

Open APIs

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    SDG Metadata API

      An API to retrieve information and metadata on the Sustainable Development Goals

Use an Open Platform to spur innovation and stay on top of the latest technology. Utlizing open standards, interoperability, data, APIs, and code can connect you directly to the community.

Our Open Vision


Make your own apps quickly that addresses the need and get back to the task at hand. Customize or utilize existing templates and tools.

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  • SDG Dashboard

    SDG Dashboard

      Explore the Goals using a Dashboard-style Web Application

  • Take Action on the SDGs

    Take Action

      Tell the world why the SDGs matter to you